- India: Air conditioner sales should reach about 1 million units in 2004, up from 800 000 in 2003, representing 442 million USD. The air-conditioning sector is expected to grow at least 25% a year over the next 3 years. Only 1.2% of indian households have an air conditioner and about 2/3rds of sales come from seven cities where summer temperatures regularly cross 40°C. - Central and Eastern Europe: according to Frost & Sullivan, the commercial refrigeration market should rise to around 770 million USD (about 1 million units) by 2009, compared with 422 million USD in 2003. The fastest growth will be in retail chiller and freezer cabinets. Expansion is greatest in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. - France: the heat wave that hit France in August 2003 has doped sales of air-conditioning unitary equipment. According to Clim'Info, in 2003, sales of monosplits climbed to 226 300 units (+ 41% compared with 2002) and sales of multisplits reached 50 700 (+ 37%).