Markets: Air Conditioning

- World market trend
In 2000 the world air conditioner market stood at about 41 million units, reaching 58 million units in 2004, and with predictions for 2005 at 60 million. In China, the world market leader, the 2005 market figure remained relatively stable, falling just below the 2004 20 million unit mark. The US comes in second with over 13 million units, expected to rise to 13.5 million units in 2006. Japan also maintains a stable market share, with figures of 7 million units. European market estimates indicate a possible rise in 2006 in the 4.2 million-unit figure recorded for 2005. JARN, January 2006

- LG tops AC sales
LG Electronics is market leader in the sale of air-conditioning units for its 6th consecutive year with over 10 million units sold, showing average annual growth of 20%. According to the Japanese Economy Research Institute, Fuji-Kiezai, LG is ahead of its Chinese market rivals by over three million units.