Markets: Heat Pumps

- Heat pumps hot in Europe According to the Swedish Heat Pump Association, SVEP, the Swedish market for domestic heat pumps has developed greatly over the last ten years, with over 100 000 heat pumps being sold in 2004. Exhaust air heat pumps are installed in more than 90% of all new family housing constructed. In 2004, brine-water heat pumps, of which ground source heat pumps dominate, accounted for 65% of the market share. Also, 2004 figures in Germany show 12 600 heat pumps were sold (up 30% on 2003), rising to 15 000 in 2005. By 2020, industry sources expect this figure to reach 200 000. Heat pumps in Germany account for approximately 5% of all new space heating installations in the new building residential sector, half of which use earth coils as a source. ScanRef, April 2005 / JARN, February 25, 2006 - US expansion January US shipments for air conditioners and heat pumps continue an upward trend. Factory shipments of central air conditioners and air-source heat pumps for January were up 74.3% compared with shipments the same month last year according to ARI. Heat-pump shipments of 172 347 also rose 45.1% compared with January 2005. ARI Statistical Release, March 2, 2006