Martinique: a geothermal cooling network project

Storengy and TLS Geothermics have been granted a research permit to explore the subsoil of Martinique and the potential of geothermal energy. Engie Solutions will bring its expertise in heating and cooling networks to the project.

In July 2020, ADEME (ecological transition agency) launched a Call for Expressions of Interest to exploit the energy present in the subsoil of Martinique, by setting up a cooling distribution network for air conditioning or industrial processes on the Plaine du Lamentin.  

This system is to be centered on a fault more than 4 km long, the Petit Bourg fault in which maximum temperatures of 90 to 95 °C have been measured at a depth of 150 to 400 meters. 


The project includes a feasibility study, the filing of an application for an exclusive research permit, the creation of a master plan for the cooling network, a public consultation, and all the administrative procedures necessary for the proper functioning financing of the project.  


Applications for this Call for Expressions of Interest closed in November 2020 and the results were given in July 2021. 


The winners of this call are Sotrengy, TLS Geothermics and ENGIE Solutions.  


This will be the first geothermal cooling network project  in a French overseas department. 


 Storengy and TLS Geothermics have applied for an exploration permit to explore the subsoil and the potential of geothermal energy. The Storengy teams will be tasked with working on and managing the underground part of the project, that is, the underground studies and exploration jointly with TLS Geothermics, as well as the permitting and associated drilling. Engie Solutions brings its expertise in heating and cooling networks to the project. 

The geothermal doublet will allow geothermal water to be drawn and reinjected to sustain the exploitation of the resource and limit the impact on the environment. The calorific energy extracted will be used to power an absorption refrigeration unit for the production of cold or to meet heating needs. 


Initial studies are underway.