Member News: Daikin partners with Fujifilm to reduce noise from some of its ventilation/humidification units

The Japanese company Daikin will soon use a new technology to reduce noise in some of its ventilation and humidification units. 

Daikin has partnered with Fujifilm to equip ventilation and humidification units sold in Japan with an innovative technology that would reduce their noise level by 20%. 


This technology will be used on certain models of mini split air conditioners marketed in Japan. Air conditioning needs are increasing and will continue to increase in the coming years. The issue of air quality is also becoming important. Thus, the conditioning equipment must increase its ventilation capacity, which also increases the noise of the devices. 


Daikin has therefore teamed up with an image and sound specialist: Fujifilm. The firm has developed a technology to reduce noise using metamaterials. Thanks to their compact structure, they allow broadband soundproofing and allow air to pass through, but not sound. 

The tests conducted by Daikin seem promising since their air conditioning units with humidification and ventilation functions allow the ventilation volume to be increased using state-of-the-art technology, while using noise by approximately 20%. 

This technology shows promise for miniaturization of parts and should have a wide range of applications for air conditioning equipment. It will equip the Urusara X and Urusara mini individual air conditioning units from this spring. These devices are mainly sold in Japan. 


Daikin has been a corporate member of the IIR  since 1973. 

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