Member news: latest innovations from Mirai Intex

The company Mirai Intex has just marketed a refrigeration machine using air cycle for low temperatures. Mirai Intex also markets a mobile storage solution. 

Mirai Intex has just added a new refrigeration machine to its product portfolio: it is the Mirai COLD 10D, a direct expansion system which can achieve temperatures down to -160°C. Air, as a refrigerant, is directly expanded to the special heat exchanger located inside the cold chamber. The heat exchanger is equipped with a fan for optimal airflow in the chamber. MC 10 D is designed in closed cycle for small/medium cryotherapy chambers.

Air is the only refrigerant used and no oil is used for the machine’s lubrication.

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Mirai Intex also offers a mobile storage solution for ultra-low temperatures (down to -110°C), operating with Mirai Cold 10. This system, called KTI, has some advantages in terms of efficiency thanks to the presence of a double chamber, which avoids high heat infiltration from the outside air and humidity. 

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*Press release from Mirai Intex