Member news: Linde to develop cryogenic cooling solutions for quantum computers

Linde, corporate member of the IIR, partners with Bluefors to develop cryogenic cooling solutions for quantum computing technology. 

German company Linde recently announced its collaboration with Finland-based Bluefors. Their goal is to produce cryogenic cooling solutions for quantum computers. 


Linde is contributing its vast experience as the world leader for large cryogenic installations. 

Bluefors brings to the table its ultra-low temperature interface needed for quantum computing.  

Their combined effort supports this emerging industry by ensuring cryogenics are ready for the next steps in large-scale quantum computing, in terms of cooling power, efficiency and robustness. 

In the initial phase of the partnership, the companies focused on identifying how the technologies work best together. Currently, both partners are collaborating on implementing the results to get their joint product ready for market. 



The future jointly developed system will have a target temperature between a few millikelvins and 1 kelvin, depending on the application. The refrigerant used will be a dilution of 3He and 4He.


To find out more, read the Linde press release.  


Linde has been a corporate member of the IIR since 1973.