MIRAI Intex, new corporate member of the IIR!

Presentation of MIRAI Intex and its flagship product: MIRAI COLD 15.

MIRAI Intex, a company founded in 2015 and based in Brno, Czech Republic, recently joined the IIR as a corporate member. MIRAI Intex specializes in the design and manufacturing of environmentally friendly refrigeration machines for ultra-low temperature applications.

One of its flagships products is MIRAI COLD 15, a refrigeration system based on Joule cycle with air as a refrigerant. The air is compressed and expanded after being cooled in a series of heat exchangers. By repeating compression and expansion cycles, ultra-low temperatures can be reached and maintained from -40°C down to -130°C with temperature accuracy down to 0.5°C. A key technological feature is that the turbo-expander and the compressor are located on the same shaft. The energy produced during the expansion process is transferred through the shaft to the compressor, which reduces energy consumption up to 30% in comparison to standard vapour compression systems. The machine can be operated as an open circuit for direct cooling of the air or as an indirect closed system with the inert gas nitrogen.

Among the other advantages of this system are the reduction of noise and vibrations thanks to the turbo-module design, the high level of safety and reduced operating costs due to the use of air – non toxic and non-flammable – as a refrigerant, as well as the absence of oil in the system.

MIRAI COLD machines are suitable for high-end applications like biomedical storage, food preservation, lyophilisation, industrial cooling and cryotherapy.

To learn more about how MIRAI COLD 15 works, watch the video.

More information on MIRAI Intex: https://mirai-intex.com