New IIR Informatory Note on The Role of Refrigeration in the Global Economy

Discover the 29th Informatory Note on Refrigeration Technologies

The 29th Informatory Note on Refrigeration Technologies

The Role of Refrigeration in the Global Economy

Based on statistical data, the 29th IIR Informatory Note highlights the importance of the refrigeration sector which is expected to grow further in the coming years due to increasing cooling needs in various areas and global warming.

The refrigeration industry plays a major and increasing role in today’s global economy, with significant contributions made in food, health, energy and environmental domains which policy makers need to better take into account.

Key figures

  • Roughly 3 billion refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems in operation worldwide.
  • Approximately 300 billion USD global annual sales of aforementioned equipment.
  • Almost 12 million people employed worldwide in the refrigeration sector
  • About 17% of the overall electricity used worldwide is consumed by the refrigeration sector.

This Informatory Note was prepared by Didier Coulomb (General Director of the IIR), Jean-Luc Dupont (Head of the Scientific and Technical Information Department) and Audrey Pichard (Informatory Note writer), and was reviewed by several experts from IIR commissions.

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The IIR publishes Informatory Notes designed to meet the needs of decision-makers worldwide, on a regular basis. These notes summarize knowledge in key refrigeration-technology and refrigeration-application domains. Each note puts forward future priority developmental axes and provides IIR recommendations in this context.