New IIR members

Here are the private members worldwide who have joined us over the past year. We are very pleased to welcome them. Several members are from countries that are not yet member countries. We also have a lot of new junior members (under 35 years) and even one under 25 years. This is a very good sign for the IIR: we are attracting more and more young people. The slogan of our next congress "Refrigeration Creates the Future", is fitting in this context. Private Members Prof. José Abril, Spain; Mr Angelo Bertu, Italy; Mr Roberto Bonavia, Luxembourg; Dr Ana Casp, Spain; Mr Robert Daoust, Mexico; Mr Beat Frei, Switzerland; Mr Peter Furey, China; Prof. Venkatarathnam Gadhiraju, India; Mr Paul Goubsky, Nigeria; Prof. Hyo Min Jeong, Korea; Mr Mesmin Kabath, Congo; Mr Sharma Kailash, India; Mr Hiep Le Chi, Vietnam; Mr Seung-Jun Lee, Korea; Mr Rex Allan Mason, New Zealand; Dr Vasile Minea, Canada; Prof. Mohamed Mousa, Egypt; Mr Pabhaakar Nene, India; Mr Gert Nielsen, Norway; Mr Bernard Sagaiyaraj, Malaysia; Mr Ramesh Sahu, India; Prof. Savvas Tassou, United Kingdom; Mr James Tieken, USA; Mr John Tsoutsanis, The Netherlands. Junior members Mrs Valérie Allègre, France ; Mr Bruno Berthome, France; Mr Christophe Borlein, France; Mrs Kristina Dersjo, Sweden; Mr Andrew East, Australia; Mr Amr Gado, USA; Mr Edward Hammond, United Kingdom; Mr Michiel Hekkenberg, The Netherlands; Mrs Marie Johansson, Sweden; Mr Pavl Lukyanov, Russia; Mr Andrey Mikhaylov, Russia; Mrs Ekatarina Navasardian, Russia; Mr Anish Patel, India; Mr William Pelletier, USA; Mr Minn Thann Phyoe, Singapore; Mr Sergey Purtov, Russia; Mrs Katarzyna Rzeplinska, Poland; Mr Karimabad Soleimani, Sweden; Mr Yuri Zhyvytsya, Ukraine.