New on the IIR website: optimise your searches!

A new feature has been developed on the IIR website to allow you to search for content in several sections at the same time: FRIDOC, news, events and encyclopedia.

Available at the top right corner of all  pages of the site, the website-wide search functionality was launched in early May. 
The search is launched on one of the 5 main sections of the website: 

  • the FRIDOC document database; 
  • the refrigeration sector monitoring news (or refrigeration news); 
  • IIR news; 
  • the encyclopedia, put online this year; 
  • events. 


The search engine uses the indexing used by the STID in each of these sections: themes, keywords. The search by author surname also works (especially for FRIDOC). Regarding FRIDOC, the search engine also uses the words used in the titles or summaries to bring up the results. 
You can send your comments to the webmaster of the website: