News from IIR members: Danfoss

Danfoss won the 2009 AHR Exposition Refrigeration Innovation Award. The honoured product is a newly developed energy-saving variable frequency drive for compressors, pumps, and fans. In refrigeration applications, the AKD 102 constantly matches compressor output to demand, resulting in a higher COP. Pumps and fans become major opportunities for energy savings with the AKD 102 drive because they consume power according to the Affinity Law. This principle of physics states that when power is used to drive a rotating shaft, energy use is proportional to the cube of shaft speed. By load matching, fans designed for peak load can successfully perform at reduced speed about 85% of the time, resulting in huge energy savings. Danfoss is the first company to receive two Innovation Awards in one year. The second award was for development of the Apexx VSH variable speed R-410A scroll compressor for commercial air conditioning.,