News from IIR members: Danfoss

Danfoss was chosen by Sainsbury’s and Netto to facilitate the conversion of their stores to CO2 as part of their ambition to drastically reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Danfoss has 10 years’ experience in the development of CO2 components, and considers CO2 refrigeration to be the future of supermarket cooling.
In 2009, Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King announced the company’s commitment to switching all of its stores to CO2 refrigeration systems by 2030, a project predicted to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by a third. Sainsbury’s initially identified 135 of its 900 stores for conversion by 2014, but in 2011 boosted this number to 250. The company is also hiring and re-training 200 specialist engineers to administer the project.
The efficiency of the CO2 refrigeration systems is monitored by the ADAP-KOOL Danfoss solution. This comprises CO2 tailored compressors, condensing units, controls, frequency converters and valves that optimize energy use.
In 2010, there were only two Sainbury’s CO2 stores. Today the number is 76. Sainsbury’s is not only retrofitting existing stores, but will also install CO2 refrigeration as a standard in all new stores. Danfoss supplied various components for the UK Netto CO2 refrigeration system.