News from IIR members: Kinarca

Kinarca obtains ISO 22000 certification for its gel-ice machine. Bureau Veritas Certification has certified that Kinarca's Food Security system applied to the design process, manufacturing assembly and maintenance of flo-ice machines is according to the ISO 22000:2005 standard requirements, "management systems for the food innocuousness. Requirements for any food chain organization". The gel-ice is an ice crystal suspension in an antifreeze solution. This new type of ice has many advantages in comparison with the traditional ice as it can be used in direct contact with the product to be chilled or be circulated in an indirect way through a heat exchanger. The following are among the advantages of the machine: high heat capacity: the gel-ice is a binary mixture of water and ice with a high heat interchanging capacity amounting to 335 kJ/kg; ability to be pumped; the ice is hygienic and not exposed to dust; ability to operate at low temperatures: it is possible to reach temperatures down to -6º C; an energy saving of 30-40% in comparison to traditional ice generation; lower infrastructural costs; reduced chilling time compared with traditional ice; longer shelf lives for foodstuffs.