Newsletter survey: outcome

Many thanks to those of you - over 300 - who devoted a little time to answering the "Newsletter of the IIR …What do you think of it?" survey issued in Newsletter No. 19. A striking feature of this survey was the high level of satisfaction it indicates: over 97% of our readers wish to continue to receive the Newsletter and expressed their interest in at least one of the Newsletter's columns. The highest-scoring columns were "Technology" (cited by 76% of the respondents), "Refrigeration-sector news" (53%) and "IIR News" (34%). In addition, 69% of our readers expressed a preference for the paper version of the Newsletter, whereas 31% preferred the electronic version. We received many suggestions which will help us to better tailor the contents of the Newsletter to meet your expectations. During the latest meeting of the Management Committee of the IIR, it was decided - on the basis on the results of this survey - to maintain the current paper version of the Newsletter and to also launch, in the coming months, a new Newsletter in an electronic format. The contents of this Newsletter will differ from those of the paper version; it will be more focused on technology and refrigeration-sector news and will be published more often.