Now available: ICR2015 congress papers

Following on from the successful IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR2015), the long anticipated papers and proceedings are now available to download in Fridoc.

Following on from the successful IIR International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR2015), the long anticipated papers and proceedings are now available to download in Fridoc.

The Internationl Congress of Refrigeration (ICR), which took place in Yokohama, Japan on 16-22 August, 2015, was the biggest refrigeration event of the year with 1,186 attendees; 643 papers, including 120 posters and 13 keynotes, were presented, and 14 workshops also took place.

Given that the obligation to phase out HCFCs and to very probably phase down HFCs is currently the main driver of innovation and change in refrigerating equipment, a number of presentations covered refrigerants.

However, all sectors and technologies were present, providing ideal networking opportunities for all attendees.

The 643 available papers

The topics addressed in the 643 papers and 13 keynotes presented during the International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR2015) in Yokohama impeccably illustrate current research areas in the refrigeration sector.

Concerning technologies and equipment, the main topics covered were:

  • heat pumps - 88 papers
  • heat exchangers – 49 papers
  • absorption/adsorption – 47 papers
  • ejectors - 31 papers
  • PCMs and slurries – 26 papers
  • desiccant cooling - 23 papers
  • compressors – 22 papers
  • green buildings – 18 papers
  • solar cooling – 13 papers
  • magnetic cooling – 10 papers

In the area of low-GWP refrigerants, salient topics covered:

  • CO2 - 37 papers
  • R32 – 14 papers
  • HFOs – 14 papers
  • hydrocarbons – 11 papers
  • ammonia – 9 papers

Download papers such as:

  • Integration of a latent heat storage in VRF systems for heating and cooling with enhanced flexibility and efficiency (by F. Loistl/C. Schweigler)
  • The role of heat pumps in the smart energy systems (by P. Lundqvist)
  • Demonstration of free cooling with CO2 (by C. Heerup)
  • Performance prediction of magnetocaloric heat pump with material layered active magnetic regenerator (by M. Asou/T. Kawanami/S. Hirano/et al.)

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