Obituary: Prof Mattarolo

Professor Fredolino (Lino) Mattarolo, who died on Friday, September 17 at the age of 90, was not only a renowned scientist in Italy where he received the prestigious Premio cultura Città di Bassano in 2000, but was also highly thought of in the worldwide refrigeration community. He was President of the Scientific Committee of the IIR from 1975 until 1983, after having been Vice-President of Section B in 1972-1975 and President of Commission II in 1968-1975. He was the IIR's Delegate of Italy from 1976 until 2004. Even once he had retired, he continued to take part in many IIR activities and his presence was always much appreciated, not only because of the value of his written works and presentations, but also because of his dedication and kindness. The IIR and the whole refrigeration community have lost one of their most eminent members. We have lost a friend. We will not forget him.