Open Access Gold, an innovative partnership between the IIR and Elsevier

The world of research more accessible than ever thanks to the Open Access Gold offer in the International Journal of Refrigeration!

At the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), we attach great importance to disseminating science and technology as much as possible in all areas of refrigeration.


For this reason, the IIR and Elsevier have established an agreement allowing free access to some articles of research for free. Authors, researchers and academic institutions that are members of the IIR will be able to benefit from this solution to publish and access scientific articles of the International Journal of Refrigeration (IJR) at a reduced price.


Indeed, Elsevier offers a 20% discount per contract for all authors that are private or corporate members of the IIR. This discount is granted upon validation of the membership to the society through the Elsevier Open Access Platform. Furthermore, an additional 20% discount is awarded by the IIR to authors from its paying member countries in the form of a €500 reimbursement.


More precisely


  • A fee of €2500 for the standard Open Access option in the IJR
  • A fee of €2000 for private and corporate members of the IIR (which includes the 20% Elsevier discount)
  • A fee of €2000 for authors in IIR paying member countries (which includes the €500  IIR discount)
  • A fee of €1500 for IIR private and corporate members in IIR paying member countries (which includes the 20% Elsevier discount and the additional €500  IIR discount).


Authors who fall under any of these agreements will be automatically notified when they have completed publication of their paper. If co-authors fall under different agreements, the most advantageous agreement will automatically be applied.

The Open Access option means


  • Over 11 million articles tagged in Scopus in 2021
  • Over 95% of reviews launched by Elsevier
  • 119,000 articles published in 2021, a year-on-year growth rate of over 47%
  • A partnership with a variety of international institutions.


Today, Elsevier is one of the fastest growing open access publishers in the world.



High visibility

Proven expertise and trust

High quality scientific content

A innovative and powerful device

A wide choice at your fingertips


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We are looking forward to reading one of your innovative articles in future issues of the International Journal of Refrigeration!


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