Out of the ordinary: Backpack fridge

"Boxcooler" a backpack fridge with picnic dishes solves the problem of keeping picnic food cool and applies state-of-the-art technology. On one side it can conveniently be carried on the back. On the other side, the cover hinge can be used as a handle. Carabines on the shoulder cushions can be attached to the headrests inside a car to ensure that the pack remains immobile during journeys. Thermoelectric Peltier elements replace the traditional "freezer batteries" which defrost after a while. The food inside thus stays fresh and cool for longer periods. The Peltier elements are supplied by a storage cell which can be reloaded inside the car or at home. The pockets contain picnic equipment including a foldable cup, a knife, spoon and a fork. All components are designed to use very little space and to be highly functional.