Publish your PhD thesis dedicated to refrigeration in the IIR Fridoc database

The IIR references and makes available in open access on its website, PhD theses dedicated to refrigeration. Your thesis, your database.

Publish your PhD thesis in Fridoc!

Increase the visibility of your thesis, publish it in the IIR Fridoc refrigeration database

Fridoc, your gateway to increased visibility in the field of refrigeration

Did you know?...

If you have authored a PhD thesis dedicated to refrigeration, the IIR can reference it and make it available in open access on its website via its refrigeration database, Fridoc.

Dissertations presented for a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree may also be included provided the content is of broad interest and high quality.

It is important that authors of PhD thesis and dissertations get increased recognition for their work wherever possible, and today the IIR can provide the ideal platform to promote your work to your peers in any chosen refrigeration field.

By sharing knowledge, work, results and ideas, not only do individuals who work in the field benefit, but in the long run, so does the refrigeration industry.

Why reference in Fridoc?

With over 100,000 documents selected from scientific and technical publications from across the globe in all refrigeration spheres, the refrigeration database Fridoc is the most comprehensive refrigeration database in the world.

Fridoc contains documents available in 38 languages by over 80,000 authors from 92 countries, and gives you access to all the articles from the International Journal of Refrigeration as well as to the papers from IIR conferences, congresses and co-sponsored conferences.

Additionally, thanks to the indexation of papers in well-known scientific databases such as Scopus and Web of Science, the visibility of Fridoc and papers from IIR conferences and congresses will be enhanced.

The IIR prides itself on the high quality scientific and technical information resources for which it is renowned; the documents and references in Fridoc reflect this.

How to publish my thesis in Fridoc?

Publication of dissertations in the Fridoc database can be initiated by the authors themselves or their supervisor, provided one of them is an IIR member.

Find out how to become an IIR member.

The submission package must include:

  • a one-page document containing the author’s name and contact information,
  • the title of the dissertation,
  • the name of the educational institution which granted the degree,
  • the dissertation in PDF format,
  • a signed agreement by the author for inclusion of the dissertation in Fridoc.

This submission package should be sent to the IIR Head Office by email at, with the subject “Publish PhD thesis in Fridoc.

Download the Procedure for Referencing PhD Dissertations in Fridoc.

With your help, we are convinced this service will aid the dissemination of scientific progress in refrigeration.

Publish your thesis in Fridoc today!

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