Refrigerant news: European Union

The European Union has agreed to provide € 400 000 funding for a German information campaign on climate friendly air-conditioning systems in cars. The campaign will be led by the environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). "Pro Climate: efficient car air-conditioning systems with natural refrigerants" is the name of the 3-year campaign planned by DUH. The total cost of the campaign is expected to be € 800 000. The campaign will not only focus on the choice of refrigerant but will also touch upon the efficiency of car air-conditioning systems and fuel consumption. It will also advocate the use of innovative air-conditioning technologies. The EU LIFE+ Programme 2007-2013 succeeds the EU LIFE Programme which, since 1992, has co-financed some 3115 projects, contributing approximately € 2 billion environmental protection.