Refrigerant news: Hydrocarbons in MAC in Oz

An Australian vehicle manufacturer of OKA four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles has announced that it is the first manufacturer in the world to use hydrocarbon refrigerants for the air-conditioning systems of its vehicles. The manufacturer been developing hydrocarbon-based systems for all its new vehicles for 4 years, using refrigerant manufactured by HyChill. The companies consider that assessment of the refrigerants use in mobile air conditioning is a pressing issue, given that regulatory aspects are coming into play. As of 2011, the European Directive on mobile air conditioning (MAC Directive) applies: the use of refrigerants with a global warming potential (GWP) higher than 150 in new car models in Europe will be banned. The companies hope that their announcement will generate "a fresh approach from vehicle manufacturers and policy makers", with the most innovative manufacturers adopting hydrocarbon refrigerants that can deliver more efficient and more environmentally sustainable air-conditioning systems. In Australia, hydrocarbon refrigerants are cheaper, and are not subject to the regulatory burdens that apply to fluorocarbons such as HFC-134a. European-built trucks are to also use hydrocarbons: In addition to the use of hydrocarbons in the "OKA" brand of 4WD vehicles, the entire line of European-built AVIA trucks, distributed by Reymer Pty Ltd., will shortly go on sale and will also be equipped with HyChill hydrocarbon refrigerants.