Refrigerant news: Training in CO2

- NVKL, the Dutch association of contractors, distributors and manufacturers, recently opened the first training centre of natural refrigerants in Europe. The new training centre is located in Ede, the Netherlands. It comprises: detection and security systems; CO2 pumping system with a cooling unit for CO2 as evaporating refrigerant; CO2 compression system of -30°/-8°C; NH3/CO2 cascade system; NH3/CO2 cascade condenser with capacity of 50 kW. - WR Refrigeration has launched the European CO2 Refrigeration Training Academy in the UK in order to train engineers at their facility based on a mini-supermarket featuring refrigerated display cases, low-temperature display cases and a cold room. Over 200 engineers have already successfully completed the 2-day CO2 course. - Star Refrigeration has developed a CO2 refrigeration course comprising 2 modules. Thanks to the IIR-elearning-training partnership, IIR members from developing countries benefit from a 50% discount, while members from developed countries are entitled to a 10% discount.