Refrigerated triporters for Morrocan fishmongers

Around a hundred itinerant fishmongers in the Nouaceur province, in Morocco received refrigerated triporters.
In a large operation led by the regional commission of the initiative for human development (INDH) in Nouaceur, Morocco, a hundred refrigerated triporters were distributed to local itinerant fish vendors.

This type of operation never has never taken place on such a large scale:  it cost an estimated 5.28 MDH (over 472 000 €).
Divided into two stages: first, 40 triporters were distributed in Bouskara and Dar Bouazza, then 60 more were distributed in Oualad Ahmed. It was financed up to 55% by INDH, 30% by the progress partnership agency (APP) and up to 15% by the fishmongers.

Not only do these triporters enable the fishmongers to ensure better food quality and safety for their products, but they also help them shift from the informal to the formal sector by granting them the status of “very small business” (TPE). Besides, the organizers of the operation opted for triporters locally manufactured by companies such as « TriAtlas Moteurs », one of the first officially authorized Moroccan triporter manufacturers.