Refrigeration Creates the Future

This is the title of the next Congress of the International Institute of Refrigeration to be held on August 21-26, 2007 in Beijing. It will be a flagship event in more ways than one: - refrigeration meets the needs of humanity and will continue to expand quantitatively in all countries; - refrigeration is faced with health and environmental challenges and must continue to innovate and adapt to new protective requirements (ozone depletion, climate change…); - refrigeration technology is used in all leading-edge fields: space, nanotechnology, biotechnology… - last but not least, the congress will take place in China, a country that has become a key player in the scientific, technical and economic sectors in general and in the refrigeration sphere in particular, within the space of a few years. Whatever your refrigeration field, send in your papers, attend the sessions and technical tours and enjoy China's wonderful cultural heritage and cuisine! See you at the congress! Over 2000 participants will be there. Didier Coulomb, Director of the IIR Find out more- surf on