Refrigeration for Sustainable Development - 23rd International Congress of Refrigeration

Every 4 years, the International Institute of Refrigeration holds a congress, each time in a different country. These milestone events bring together researchers and industrial stakeholders working in all refrigeration applications and technologies, in all parts of the world. The latest Congress was held in Beijing, China, in 2007 and attracted over 1300 participants. The next Congress will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, on August 21-26, 2011. The following one will be held in Yokohama, Japan, in 2015. It's now time to get ready for the Prague Congress. The call for papers has just been launched, and it's not too late to sponsor the Congress, and ensure that your company will be showcased during the event. By taking part in the Congress, you will not only be able to exchange knowledge on the latest scientific and technical developments with experts in all fields and from all continents and to glean new ideas, you will also be able to visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and is easy to reach from all parts of the world. This great opportunity is not to be missed, and the IIR is ensuring maximum attendance by avoiding the scheduling of other IIR events within a 6-month time frame spanning the period before and after the Congress. Mark the date in your diary, prepare a paper, your booth, your attendanceā€¦ and keep abreast of the latest news concerning the Congress thanks to the Congress Web site or via the link on the IIR's Web site: Didier Coulomb Director of the IIR