Refrigeration Fundamentals on sale!

The IIR's latest course, Refrigeration Fundamentals - Educational Course, will be available within a few weeks. Refrigeration Fundamentals, by André Pilatte - Delegate of Belgium to the IIR and Professor at the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons - presents, in an educational and user-friendly manner, all the physical principles required in order to understand how refrigeration plants work, along with the roles of the various components. The data provided are placed in their overall context and the global stakes are described. This course is designed to address the needs of technicians and engineers already in the refrigeration industry or envisaging a career in this sector. The interactive colour CD-ROM version of the course features many links making it possible to enlarge the images and text zones and to navigate throughout the course using several approaches. Price: 165€. A colour paper version is also available. Price: 245€. Order via or