Refrigeration Safety Working Group Congress meeting

Refrigeration Safety Working Group Congress meeting

ICR 2019 offers opportunities for industry experts to meet and discuss improvements in refrigeration safety.

With the upcoming IIR International Congress of Refrigeration set to be the biggest on yet, there is no better place to reunite refrigeration experts from around the world. In particular, after two preparatory meetings, the IIR Working Group (WG) on Refrigeration Safety will be taking this opportunity to hold their first official meeting with the aim of setting targets and defining assignments to kick-start their future projects.

The Working Group

In light of the major refrigerant releases and accidents as reported in different medias around the world, it might seem as if some technologies or refrigerants are “safer” than others. One of the targets of the IIR WG on Refrigeration Safety is to shed light on these issues and analyse whether this is more so related to the fluids used or to the equipment itself.

The objectives of the WG are to document (and describe) RACHP accidents and incidents all over the world, including the consequences and causes, and to analyse whether these could be avoided via improvements in product design as well as ways of operating, handling, servicing and maintaining the equipment.

Join your peers at the first official meeting of this WG:

Monday August 26, at 5.30pm to 7.30pm

at the 25th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration in Montreal, Canada.

For more information, please contact Alexander Cohr Pachai (Chair) and Lambert Kuijpers (Vice-chair).

Alongside this meeting, other IIR WG such as Cold Chain in Hot Countries, Whole-Body Cryotherapy or Cryostimulation, Cold Chain for Pharmaceutical Products, Sub-Commission D1 on Refrigerated Display Cabinets, Demand-Oriented Non-Uniform Indoor Environment & Dehumidification in Air Conditioning, are scheduled to meet at this pivotal event.

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