Singapore experiments with outdoor air thermoelectric cooling

In Singapore, the terrace of a riverside restaurant and children play areas are now cooled by a solid-state thermoelectric cooling technology.

An American company, Phononics, has recently installed several outdoor air conditioning units in Singapore as part of the OACIS project (Outdoor Active Cooling in Singapore).

OACIS uses solid state thermoelectric refrigeration technology. The thermoelectric cooler creates cold using Peltier effect. The cooled air is dispersed thanks to innovative bladeless fans. According to Phononics, this device reduces energy consumption by up to 30 % and eliminates the need for a compressor, which reduces operations and maintenance costs. And this type of system is therefore quieter.

Several cooling units have been installed in the tourist areas of the city: in a riverside restaurant, and on children's playgrounds in Jurong Lake gardens.

Phononics says its system can create a decrease in outdoor air temperature of up to 10 °C, as well as a reduction in humidity of up to 15%.

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