Testing a prototype outdoor air conditioner using liquid nitrogen

In September 2022, a start-up is testing a prototype outdoor air conditioning system using liquid nitrogen in a few restaurants.

In September 2022, an Israeli start-up is preparing for the first public tests of an outdoor air conditioning system using liquid nitrogen. Intended for use in outdoor restaurants, each unit includes a tank holding the liquid nitrogen at -196°C. When the units are switched on, the liquid nitrogen is slowly released. It expands rapidly to nearly 700 times its liquid volume as it becomes a gas. The energy in this expansion is harnessed through a mechanical engine, which uses it to blow nitrogen gas out at a temperature of -10°C. This is cold enough to quickly and quietly chill a few outdoor tables, without asphyxiation.


The liquid nitrogen tanks will need replacing every 7-10 days, depending on frequency of use and outside temperatures.

The company claims that this solution is more environmentally friendly than an air conditioner, as the units do not require any electricity and do not blow out hot air. The liquid nitrogen used is a by-product of hospitals and medical services, which should help lower its cost and environmental impact.


The company will have more data on nitrogen consumption, overall effectiveness, and the experience of sitting near one of these air conditioners after a few weeks of testing in September. The system has been under development for two and a half years, and at this stage the company has built 12 prototype units for use in the pilot trials.




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