The IIR at COP13/CMP3 in Bali

During the United Nations Conference on Climate Change which was held in Bali, Indonesia on December 3-14, 2007, delegates have agreed on both the agenda for the negotiations and a 2009 deadline for completing them. However, the text does not specify or mandate greenhouse-gases-emission reductions targets. Countries also agreed on some steps to be taken immediately, such as combating deforestation in poor countries, scaling up of investment in green technology, and enhancing funding for adaptation measures. The Bali timetable will make it possible for a successor pact to the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse-gas emissions to take effect in 2013. The IIR, as an intergovernmental organization, was very visible during the Bali Conference: - On December 13, Forbes Pearson, Didier Coulomb and Jean-Luc Dupont organized a side-event: "Saving energy in refrigeration and air conditioning: a crucial challenge for global warming mitigation" which was much appreciated. During this event, F. Pearson presented the new IIR guide "Saving Energy in Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Heat-Pump Technology » that he prepared with IIR experts. To order it: - Didier Coulomb delivered a statement during the plenary session of the high-level segment on December 14, in the presence of approximately 1500 ministers and delegates. He expressed the position of the IIR, focusing on the top-priority challenge for the refrigeration sector to reduce energy consumption. Consult this statement: - The IIR held a booth in the Bali International Convention Center in order to promote recent IIR publications, especially the IIR-UNEP booklet "Refrigeration Drives Sustainable Development" and the special issue of the IIR Newsletter on the Environment produced in co-operation with UNEP.