The long awaited ICR2015 is underway!

Held every four years, this year ICR2015 welcomes 1,011 conference delegates from 55 countries, making it a truly global refrigeration event.

Held every four years, this year ICR2015, currently underway in Yokohama, Japan, welcomes 1,011 conference delegates from 55 countries, making it a truly global refrigeration event.



In line with the Congress theme, “Improving Quality of Life, Preserving the Earth”, stakeholders from all refrigeration sectors are taking this opportunity to share their knowledge and research in order to promote more energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.



Quality keynote speakers



Keynote speakers have been delivering on the 10 IIR commission topics (see below) as well as a special focus on sustainable and high performance buildings.



  • A1: Cryophysics, cryoengineering
  • A2: Liquefaction & separation of gases
  • B1: Thermodynamics & transfer processes
  • B2: Refrigerating equipment
  • C1: Cryobiology, cryomedicine and health products
  • C2: Food science & engineering
  • D1: Refrigerated storage
  • D2: Refrigerated transport
  • E1: Air conditioning
  • E2: Heat pumps, energy recovery
  • Sustainable and high performance buildings



A large number of participants have already had the opportunity to benefit from and share with:



Mark O. McLinden (NIST, USA) on Hitting The Bounds Of Chemistry: Limits And Tradeoffs For Low-GWP Refrigerants



Mark O. McLinden presented different options for low-GWP refrigerants through two approaches:



  • the performance of hypothetical refrigerants to define the limits of what is allowed by thermodynamics.
  • the application of property estimation methods and screening parameters to identify best candidates from a database of 100 million chemicals.

Jacques Guilpart (President of section C and French delegate of the IIR) on Food Technology And Food Preservation : An Old Necessity With A Promising Future



Jacques Guilpart presented a global approach towards the problem of refrigeration and the food chain which remains a real challenge.



According to Jacques Guilpart, this global approach should take into account many different problematics: on one hand technological concerns and on the other hand food quality concerns. Of course, it also has to integrate energy and environmental factors.



And still to look forward to this week:



Kuniaki Kawamura on Experiences in renewal of cold storage facilities from R22 to NH3/CO2 in Japan



Kuniaki Kawamura will present a survey of NH3/CO2 secondary refrigerant systems in operation in Japan. This presentqtion will demonstrate that in comparaison to HCFC22 systems, the NH3/CO2 secondary refrigerant system reduces power consumption by 25%~30% in cold warehouses and 25%~49% in freezers.



Gérald Cavalier (President of section D) on Pharmaceuticals Cold Chain Challenges



Gérald Cavalier will present the health product cold chain; an important sanitary, social, technical and economic issue for our societies.



He will demonstrate that the management of temperatures all along the chain increases efficiency of the treatments and savings of products for everybody, and reduces risks for patients.

“The internationalisation of the market, the globalisation of the exchanges, specification of some productions, development of generic drugs on one hand and multiplication of new molecules such as biotech, brings to a b change in pharma logistics.”



Yoichiro Ikeya, Sumitimo Heavy Industries, Ltd., Japan, on Expanding Market of 4KGM Cryocooler



Yoichiro Ikeya will present the Gifford-McMahon (GM) cryocooler, which is the most widely used cryocooler in industrial applications such as cryopumps for semiconductor manufacturing, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), etc., due to high reliability and ease of operation and handling.

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