Thermo King’s Magnum container reefers

Thermo King's Magnum container reefers have been chosen by Hanjin Shipping based in South Korea. Hanjin has 12 dedicated terminals in Rotterdam, Long Beach, Tokyo, Kaohsiung, and Busan, among others, 7 inland logistic bases in locations such as Shanghai, Qingdao, Port Kelang and Busan New Port, and covers 50 routes with 290 vessels. The company added 1000 Magnum container reefers in 2009: 500 were in service in November 2009, and 500 more were added recently. Hanjin considers that Magnum reefers offer the lowest shipping temperatures available and help reduce operating costs thanks to low energy consumption. Magnum reefers are designed to can handle fresh to deep-frozen products (down to -35°C). Hanjin recently developed a CO2 emissions calculator on its Web site enabling customers to calculate the amount of CO2 emissions according to their cargo and destinations.