Variable refrigerant flow systems world market

The market for variable refrigerant flow systems grew by 5.7% in 2018.

Various studies of the global market for variable refrigerant flow systems (VRF) have recently been published.

A special issue of the JARN published in May 2019 highlights the health of the sector in 2018, since 1.77 million units were sold worldwide. It represents an increase of 5.7% compared to 2017. China, Japan and South Korea account for 70% of this market.

  • China saw a 4.7% increase over 2017, with 1.04 million units sold.
  • In Japan, the increase amounts to 8.5% with 146,000 units sold.
  • In South Korea, 111,700 units were sold in 2018.

  • The VRF market in the United States remains relatively small, with 62,800 units sold in 2018.

    The JARN reports that the European VRF market increased by 3.5% for outdoor units, reaching 172,300 units sold.

    The latest Eurovent report, which focuses exclusively on the situation in Europe and across all types of units, shows an increase of 7% in 2018, with 216,135 units sold. Turkey is the largest market, followed by France, Italy and Spain.