What role does social media play in today’s refrigeration industry?

Today, social media has become an important tool of daily life for many across the globe in diverse fields and sectors. Learn how to reap the benefits of social media in your expertise.
Don’t give social media the cold shoulder

Today, social media has become an important tool of daily life for many across the globe in diverse fields and sectors.

From governments to research centres to individuals, social media can now be considered as an integral part of many activities that, previously, were carried out otherwise, if at all.

Similar to the earliest forms of cooling which consisted of the seasonal harvesting of snow and ice, new developments and future technologies such as magnetic cooling or natural refrigerants as a result of external or internal factors have led to the evolution of needs and as such the methods used as well as the industry must evolve.

Contacts, connections, communication

If implemented correctly social media can be a valuable tool as a source of information from all refrigeration sectors, as well as a communication channel to reach specific audiences.

Through this engagement, refrigeration stakeholders can be at the heart of the conversation, sharing their views and recommendations, learning about on the latest developments.

Learn how Stephen Gill, President Elect at Institute of Refrigeration, was able to make a difference with his social media campaign.

Try tweeting on Twitter

Major stakeholders from all refrigeration sectors are on Twitter sharing links to valuable research data, providing updates on global climate talks, and promoting the latest industry developments.

How to find information?

Simply search using a hashtag (eg. #refrigeration) or a handle (eg. @IIFIIR) and the results will show all the posted tweets that have used that particular hashtag or handle.

Popular hastags in the refrigeration field are:

  • #refrigeration
  • #hvac
  • #airconditioning
  • #refrigerants
  • #magneticcooling
  • #coldchain

  • Don’t forget, the username of the IIR is @IIFIIR and our hashtag is #refrigeration.

    LinkedIn: a professional network online at your fingertips

    Thanks to this professional online networking platform you can make contacts with professionals in the same industry or with similar interests, share information resources, find answers, post and view jobs, develop relationships, and establish yourselves as industry experts.

    Did you know that LinkedIn boasts more than 260 refrigeration groups?

    Join us on LinkedIn: The IIR LinkedIn refrigeration group has over 4,000 members.

    YouTube: dynamic content 24/7

    The keyword “refrigeration” produces more than 160,000 results on topics ranging from basic principles to refrigeration systems to ultra-low-temperature cascade refrigeration system repair to webinars on ammonia refrigeration training standards.

    According to some sources, “YouTube has over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet–and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos and generate billions of views.”

    A practical way to push video content out to professionals worldwide and tap into uncovered opportunities.

    Check out the video on Challenges and opportunities for sustainable RAC technologies; Didier Coulomb (Director General) of the International Institute of Refrigeration with the OZonAction Technical News Drop.

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    Social media is for everyone!

    Let us know how you use social media in your expertise and the impact it has had.

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