World Refrigeration Day 2021 reaches every corner of the globe!

This year, seven organisations partnered with World Refrigeration Day to bring to the limelight the exciting career opportunities in fields relying on refrigeration.

Celebrated every year on June 26, World Refrigeration Day has become a key event in the refrigeration sector which aims to raise awareness among the wider public about the importance of the technology in everyday life.

As the only independent intergovernmental organisation in the field of refrigeration, the IIR called upon its network to help support the initiative.


What events were scheduled with the IIR?


  • Career Development for the Youth – June 22 – CAR

Aimed at raising awareness among young professionals, the Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR) hosted a two-and-a-half-hour debate focused on the careers opportunities available to aspiring refrigeration students.

The webinar featured 3 speakers who provided vital tips on the many career opportunities in the ever-developing field of refrigeration.


  • Futuristic Career in Not-In-Kind Cooling Technologies – June 24 – ASHRAE

This online event provided a synopsis of Not-In-Kind Technologies as one of pathways to achieve environmental justice. The goal was to encourage next-generation engineers and scientists to engage in futuristic technology development for solving our biggest environmental challenges.

The event provided technical overviews of some selected Not-In-Kind Technologies such as solid-state cooling in general, elastocaloric cooling, multi-caloric cooling and electrochemical dehumidification. Watch the webinar


  • High Temperature Heat Pumps: New Career Opportunities for Decarbonisation of the Industrial Sector – June 25 – IIR experts

Several IIR experts provided insight on the career opportunities in the field of high temperature heat pumps, as well as an overview of the current status and future worldwide market trends in the sector.

Opened by Didier Coulomb (Director General of the IIR) and chaired by Alberto Coronas (President of IIR Commission E2 - Heat pumps and energy recovery), the event featured 7 presentations and welcomed approximately 70 participants from across the globe. Download the presentations


  • Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better Future – June 25 – AiCARR

Organised by the Italian Association of Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration (AiCARR), the webinar on Cooling Champions: Cool Careers for a Better Future sought to bring women to the forefront and, as such, featured an all-female panel.

With a total of 8 presentations, the nearly 100 participants were given a practical overview of the technological, professional and human perspectives of the sector from a female point of view.


  • The Present and Future of Data Center Cooling Technology in China – June 29 – CAR

Over 4,000 people joined the Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR) as they explored the Present and Future of Data Center Cooling Technology in China.

The 4-hour event provided the ideal platform for lively exchange with the 8 speakers on the outlook of refrigeration in relation to this increasingly important area of modern-day life. Watch the webinar


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