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At the IIR, we understand that access to quality unbiased information is fundamental to conducting solid research and for mentoring tomorrow’s refrigeration specialists. 

As such, you will find hereafter a handful of products and services to assist you in your quest. 




Discover an exclusive collection of seminal informative documents from FRIDOC, the world’s most comprehensive database dedicated to refrigeration information; includes scientific papers from IIR conferences, technical guides, thematic files, and much more. 


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IIR events 


Discover the latest developments in the sector and network with key stakeholders at upcoming flagship IIR conferences and co-sponsored conferences dedicated to all refrigeration technologies. 


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International Journal of Refrigeration 


Published by Elsevier for the IIR, the International Journal of Refrigeration (IJR) is the leading peer reviewed journal covering the theory and practice of refrigeration.  

The IJR is essential reading for all those wanting to keep abreast of research in the industry and includes original research papers, review articles, papers presented at IIR conferences and letters to the Editor. 


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Personalised documentation search 


Do you have a complex query and require a personalised documentation search? 

Get in touch with the information specialists at the Scientific and Technical Information Department of the IIR. 


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Expertise directory 


Do you have a specific question in one of the following fields?  

  • Cryogenics, liquefaction or separation of gases 
  • Thermodynamics, refrigerants or refrigerating equipment 
  • Biology or food technology 
  • Refrigerated storage or transport 
  • Air conditioning, heat pumps or energy recovery. 

The IIR has developed an international network of expertise covering all fields of refrigeration. 


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Industry monitoring 


Keep up to date on the most recent news and developments in the field of refrigeration from across the globe (novel technologies, refrigerant news, case studies, regulation, standards, economy…). 


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Laboratory directory 


If you would like to conduct scientific research or analysis in a specific area of refrigeration, you can locate an appropriate specialist laboratory using this directory. 

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Working groups 


Join your peers, as a private member or as a beneficiary of a corporate member, from industry, academia and research to collaborate on an array of multidimensional projects addressing scientific matters at the heart of refrigeration. 


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Encyclopedia of refrigeration


The IIR's Encyclopedia of Refrigeration brings together a set of synthetic articles on refrigeration technologies and applications. Rather than comprehensively covering a topic, they have been prepared with the objective of providing the main information, while referring the reader to various sources of additional information to go deeper into the subject, in FRIDOC in particular.


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Free 12-month IIR membership for students 


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