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Discover an exclusive collection of seminal informative documents from FRIDOC, the world’s most comprehensive database dedicated to refrigeration information; includes scientific and technical papers from IIR conferences, review articles, technical guides, and much more.


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The International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR) offers PhD, Master and Bachelor students the possibility of publishing their final thesis in the FRIDOC database - the largest database dedicated to refrigeration - and thus giving it greater visibility.

This assumes that the thesis covers a field related to refrigeration technologies or applications and that the thesis holder is from one of the 59 member countries of the IIR.

The holder of the thesis will have to provide his/her thesis in PDF format, indicate his/her nationality and give his/her agreement for the inclusion of the thesis in FRIDOC, specifying that there is no copyright conflict for its publication. The request for publication of PhD, Master and Bachelor theses should be sent to



The publication of theses by PhD, Master and Bachelor students in the FRIDOC database shall not constitute recognition or a guarantee of quality from the International Institute of Refrigeration. The use of the data and information contained in these theses as well as all the consequences resulting from this use, are the exclusive responsibility of the user.


Courses and training


Fine-tune your skills and find your next course or new training material covering a broad range of fields in refrigeration from across the globe.


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IIR events 


Discover the latest developments in the sector and network with key stakeholders at upcoming flagship IIR conferences and co-sponsored conferences dedicated to all refrigeration technologies. 


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International Dictionary of Refrigeration 


Never misinterpret a technical refrigeration word again! This online IIR tool provides definitions and translations of key scientific terms in 11 different languages.


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Thematic files


The thematic files summarise essential information in 12 key fields of refrigeration. Prepared by the IIR or by experts from its network, the files present the major technological trends or the economic data of each field.


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Informatory Notes


Designed to meet the needs of decision-makers worldwide, IIR Informatory Notes summarise knowledge of key technologies and applications of refrigeration.


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