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  • The new e-Bulletin

    Many of you are already aware that the Bulletin of the IIR is now being provided in electronic form. The new e-Bulletin, available via Internet, contains all the information provided in the paper version of the Bulletin: abstracts of articles and...

    • Date de publication : 26/07/2006
  • Brief: Prof. Clark Bullard

    Prof. Clark Bullard, President of the IIR's Commission B2, was awarded the UK Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) J & E Hall Gold Medal on February 9, 2005 during the IoR's prestigious 105th Anniversary Dinner held in London. This award for the...

    • Date de publication : 14/06/2005
  • Briefs: Prof. Clark Bullard

    During the Purdue Conferences held on July 12-15, 2010, Prof. Clark Bullard of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign received the Wilbur T. Pentzer Achievement and Leadership Award for outstanding contributions to the growth and...

    • Date de publication : 07/02/2011
  • Editorial de Didier Coulomb

    L'Institut International du Froid (IIF) publie trois revues complémentaires dont il convient de préciser les objectifs, au moment où elles évoluent fortement du fait des nouvelles technologies de communication. Il y a bien sûr la Newsletter, la...

    • Date de publication : 26/07/2006
  • Are you familiar with Fridoc, the IIR’s database?

    Readers of the paper Bulletin (or the e-Bulletin) of the IIR are regularly informed on the latest articles and publications in all refrigeration fields, thanks to the Abstracts section. Fridoc now contains over 81 500 references to articles and...

    • Date de publication : 12/02/2008
  • Corporate and private membership of the IIR

    If you're already a member, you will be aware of your member benefits. If you're not, here's a glimpse: private members get a free subscription to the International Journal of Refrigeration or the Bulletin of the IIR and corporate members get...

    • Date de publication : 19/07/2005
  • IIR committee meetings

    The Management Committee (MC) of the IIR met in Paris on November 29, 2005. On November 28, two other meetings took place: the Publications Sub-Committee (PSC) meeting and the meeting of the representatives of the Science and Technology Council to...

    • Date de publication : 28/01/2006
  • Avis de décès : Maxime Duminil

    L'IIF exprime ses sincères condoléances à la famille et aux proches de Maxime Duminil, décédé à 96 ans. 

    • Date de publication : 29/03/2021
  • Editorial de Didier Coulomb

    2006 a été une année importante pour l'IIF : première phase de la rénovation de la base de données Fridoc, lancement du Bulletin électronique, publication du cours "Technique du froid - Cours de base", du"Livre Rouge" sur les denrées congelées,...

    • Date de publication : 12/02/2007
  • IIR Committee meetings

    - The Management Committee (MC) of the IIR, chaired by H. van der Ree, met at the head office of the IIR on November 6, 2004. The MC held a large strategic debate on the future, the position of the IIR and communication to be developed,...

    • Date de publication : 11/02/2005
  • Magnetic refrigeration: a promising technology

    The IIR decided, a few years ago, to set up a Working Party on Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature, and has organized 4 conferences: in 2005 in Switzerland, in 2007 in Slovenia, in 2009 in the USA, in 2010 in China. We published articles in...

    • Date de publication : 07/02/2011
  • IIR committees meetings in Cambridge

    The Management Committee of the IIR met in Cambridge (UK) on March 19, 2005. It was invited by the UK Institute of Refrigeration and Cambridge Refrigeration Technology (CRT), thanks to Robert Heap. The main points discussed during were: - the...

    • Date de publication : 14/06/2005
  • 2008, Refrigeration Year

    Many events and actions have already been scheduled or have already taken place in various countries in order to celebrate the IIR's centenary and the 100th anniversaries of several national associations of refrigeration (France, the Netherlands,...

    • Date de publication : 13/05/2008
  • L'IIF en première ligne sur les projets européens dédiés au froid

    Généralement impliqué dans le processus de diffusion, l'IIF utilise son réseau, ses activités et ses services pour promouvoir les résultats des projets de recherche européens au niveau mondial.

    • Date de publication : 03/03/2015
  • The IIR's new Web portal has been launched

    The IIR’s new refrigeration portal went online early July (www.iifiir.org). Most of you should have received an e-mail with all the necessary information regarding how to use it and take advantage of new...

    • Date de publication : 09/08/2011