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Commission D1 - Refrigerated Storage deals with the storage of all products which benefit from controlled temperatures, such as food and pharmaceuticals. Industrial, commercial and residential storage are also taken into account so that, in cooperation with Commission D2 Refrigerated Transport, the entire cold chain is covered, from raw materials to the final product at home. Refrigeration plays an essential role for perishable products. While the estimated capacity of refrigerated warehouses was over 500 million cubic meters worldwide in 2014, in some countries global food losses due to the lack of a cold chain are still very important and can reach as much as 20% of the global food supply. At the same time, in heavily industrialised countries, the use of commercial and domestic refrigerators accounts for up to 6% of global electricity consumption.
As a result, the Commission faces important issues in order to promote widespread, energy efficient and environmentally friendly storage systems. New refrigerants, synergies to save or exchange energy with other systems and new technologies are the main focus of its activity. Today, one of the most important themes for this Commission is energy efficiency.


Officers & members



Kuniaki KAWAMURA (Japan)



Andrew Richard EAST (New-Zealand)

Jong-Taek OH (South Korea)

Jiang SHEN (China)
Armin HAFNER (Norway)
Kazuhiro HATTORI (Japan)

Kuniaki KAWAMURA (click to read his biography)



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