Commission E1 - Air conditioning



Commission E1 - Air conditioning often collaborates with Commission E2 Heat pumps and Energy Recovery as they have at least one common aspect, the compressor. Both Commissions frequently work with the same equipment which is adapted according to the seasons, alternating between air conditioners and heat pumps.
The Commission is involved in various aspects of air conditioning from equipment to systems. In the last years it developed a particular focus on energy saving and sustainability, whilst maintaining good conditions of thermal comfort ranging from topics such as free cooling, solar cooling or long-term energy storage. The general importance of the themes addressed by the Commission results in relevant International Conferences.
The expertise of the Commission members on the use of new refrigerants in air conditioning systems, annual comparative studies of innovative and renewable energy systems, opportunities of part load operation on air conditioning systems to limit penalties or even to gain efficiency, and on other up-to-date research fields, is valuable, not only to the scientific community but also to the multitude of air conditioning users.


Officers & members



Yunting GE (UK)



Minsung KIM (South Korea)
Kamil SMIERCIEW (Poland)
Shigeharu TAIRA (Japan)



Milos LAIN (Czech Republic)
Giovanni A. LONGO (Italy)



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