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Caracterização experimental de refrigeradores isolados com painéis de vácuo.

Experimental characterisation of vacuum panel insulated refrigerators.

Author(s) : THIESSEN S., MELO C., KNABBEN F. T., et al.


The conference proceedings of CYTEF 2016 contain 133 communications (out of which 42 papers in English, 54 papers in Spanish and 37 in Portuguese) on the following subject areas: Refrigeration; Food processing and preservation (FPP); Air-conditioning; Applied fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer; Cryophysics, cryogenics and cryobiology ; Nanofluids; Integration of renewable energy systems; Integration of cogeneration and trigeneration systems; Energy efficiency; Energy recovery and storage; Commissioning, operation, maintenance and safety of installations; Working conditions in food processing and storage environments; Energy audits; Dynamic simulation; Industrial ecology studies applied to products and processes; Teaching methodologies and techniques, training and professional certification; Standards and technical regulations; Research, innovation and technological development.

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  • Original title: Caracterização experimental de refrigeradores isolados com painéis de vácuo.
  • Record ID : 30017896
  • Languages: Portuguese
  • Source: CYTEF 2016. VIII Congreso Ibérico y VI Congreso Iberoamericano de las Ciencias y Técnicas del Frío, Coimbra-Portugal, 3-6 mayo, 2016.
  • Publication date: 2016/05/03


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