Absorption of water vapour by LiBr aqueous solution in a vertical smooth tube.

[In Japanese. / En japonais.]

Author(s) : TAKAMATSU H., YAMASHIRO H., TAKATA N., et al.

Type of article: Article


The water vapour is absorbed by the liquid falling inside a smooth copper tube (16.05 mm ID., 400 mm long) that is cooled on its outside with water flowing counter-currently. The presented results include the effect of solution flow rate, solution subcooling and cooling water temperature on the heat transfer rate, absorption rate and pressure drop in the absorber. Discussion is also presented on the heat and mass transfer coefficients that are defined by estimated temperature and concentration at the vapour-liquid interface.


  • Original title: [In Japanese. / En japonais.]
  • Record ID : 2003-2210
  • Languages: Japanese
  • Source: Transactions of the Japan Society of Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers - vol. 19 - n. 3
  • Publication date: 2002
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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