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Application of a liquid desiccant air-conditioning system in a hot-humid area.

[In Chinese. / En chinois.]

Author(s) : TANG Y., HE B., TANG Z., et al.

Type of article: Article


Designs a new liquid desiccant dehumidification device, dehumidifying by stages the fresh air with utilization of solar energy, natural water, heat recovery and liquid desiccant techniques, while regenerating solution with solar energy and exhaust air, accordingly removing the limitations of traditional liquid desiccant air conditioning adopted in hot-humid regions. The result shows that compared with traditional liquid desiccant, the system has a reduced solution circulating rate, lower energy consumption and lower dependence on solar energy, and higher solution absorption efficiency and regeneration efficiency.

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Pages: pp. 129-132


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  • Original title: [In Chinese. / En chinois.]
  • Record ID : 2010-1589
  • Languages: Chinese
  • Source: HV & AC - vol. 40 - n. 237
  • Publication date: 2010/05


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