Evaporative cooling as an efficient system in Mediterranean region.

Author(s) : JABER S., AJIB S.

Type of article: Article


In this work, indirect evaporative air conditioning was thermally designed in order to reduce energy consumption without negatively affecting the thermal comfort and in order to lower the imported oil bill on the national level and reducing the emission of harmful gasses to the environment on the interna tional level. Moreover, the economic impact of such system was studied. The outcomes show that indirect evaporative air-conditioning can be covered most of the total annual load at 1100 l/s. Furthermore, once indirect evaporative air conditioning in 500,000 Mediterranean residential buildings are used instead of traditional one, the annual estimated energy saving is about 1084 GWh/a and the annual total avoided CO2 emission is estimated to be 637,873 Ton. The payback period for such system from the saving that occurred is less than two years. [Reprinted with permission from Elsevier. Copyright, 2011].



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