Design and standardization of air conditioning for operating theatres: DIN and ASHRAE point of view.

[In Italian. / En italien.]

Author(s) : STRADA M., MAZZA M.

Type of article: Article


The authors note the requirements for designers of operating theatres and underline the deficiency of standardization in Italy for their achievement. The manufacturers refer to the German DIN standards, revised recently, and to the ASHRAE information for 1991. The authors stress that these recent standards should be circulated, being the most qualified and reliable references for such projects. The design aspect is discussed to give guide lines for obtaining the conditions defined by the standards.


  • Original title: [In Italian. / En italien.]
  • Record ID : 1993-1734
  • Languages: Italian
  • Subject: Regulation
  • Source: Cond. Aria - vol. 36 - n. 1
  • Publication date: 1992/01
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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