Experiment on frictional pressure drop of condensation in a microchannel.

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Author(s) : SONG T., WANG H., ROSE J. W., et al.

Type of article: Article


The experiment was conducted to measure frictional pressure drop of steam and FC-72 condensation in microchannels, and the results measured were compared with the predictions in literature. The microchannels consisted of six parallel rectangular channels (each with 1 mm in width and 1.5 mm in depth), and the space between each other was 1.5 mm. The mass flux ranges of steam and FC-72 were 80-200 and 140-750 kg/m2.s, respectively. It is likely that Koyama and Garimella models will predict the frictional pressure drop of steam condensation in microchannels reasonably, while the predictions by the Cavallini model agree better with the results measured for FC-72 in this study.

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