Free-piston Stirling coolers.

Author(s) : BERCHOWITZ D. M.


A simple linear analysis of the dynamics of free-piston Stirling coolers is presented to describe the behaviour of these machines. Useful results for the displacer phase angle and stroke ratio are obtained and it is shown that the linear analysis is able to accurately account for the dissipative losses in a given machine. A vector diagram is used to indicate the balance of forces at steady operation. This analysis has been used to design a number of successful prototype machines. They include non-CFC domestic refrigerator coolers, small electronic coolers and a 100 K, 200 watts lift cryocooler.


  • Original title: Free-piston Stirling coolers.
  • Record ID : 1993-0008
  • Languages: English
  • Publication date: 1992/07/14
  • Source: Source: Proc. 1992 int. Refrig. Conf., Energy Effic. New Refrig., Purdue Univ.
    vol. 1; 327-336; 6 fig.; 2 tabl.; 8 ref.
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