The future and more recent developments in the application of cryogenics.

[In Dutch. / En néerlandais.]

Author(s) : KNOBBOUT J. A.

Type of article: Article, Review


An overview of the recent developments and an outlook of the future of cryogenics and its applications, are presented on the basis of a publication by K.D. Timmerhaus which was presented in the IIR Bulletin 94.5 (p. 2-13). Attention is drawn to low capacity cryocoolers, such as the miniature Joule-Thompson, Gifford-McMahon and pulse-tube types. The high reliability demanded for space applications has resulted in the development of thermally-driven cryocoolers known as "sorption compressors". The application for low temperature superconductivity and the outlook for high-temperature superconductivity are expressed. Mention of practical use in wind tunnels at cryogenic temperature, where cooling is effected by injection of liquid nitrogen to obtain the required high Reynolds numbers, are of particular interest.


  • Original title: [In Dutch. / En néerlandais.]
  • Record ID : 1996-0698
  • Languages: Dutch
  • Source: Koude & Luchtbehandeling - vol. 88 - n. 3
  • Publication date: 1995/03
  • Document available for consultation in the library of the IIR headquarters only.


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