Villa Tugendhat. An unique air-conditioning system in residential hall.

Number: pap. 353

Author(s) : MAUREROVÁ L., HIRS J.


The authors of this article attempt to summarize the existing knowledge the unique air-conditioning system in the functionalist villa Tugendhat in Brno. The villa was finished in 1930 and since this year the air-conditioning system has been still in operation. The room where the air-conditioning system operates is a residential hall on the first floor which is well-known for its onyx wall. This paper presents the research and monitoring of this unique air-conditioning system. During the years 2008 – 2010 (before the historical restoration), there were performed measurements of internal microclimate in selected rooms and the data were collected. A model of the building was created using the software BSim2012. The way the model was optimmized thanks to measured data will be demonstrated in section 7.

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  • Original title: Villa Tugendhat. An unique air-conditioning system in residential hall.
  • Record ID : 30008889
  • Languages: English
  • Source: Clima 2013. 11th REHVA World Congress and 8th International Conference on Indoor Air Quality, Ventilation and Energy Conservation in Buildings.
  • Publication date: 2013/06/16


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